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The unique, exposed concrete-like surface texture of Greta®Fenster offers modern architecture a sustainable and tactile aspect in both renovation and new construction projects.

Götz Schmiedeknecht, Co-CEO

Aesthetic sustainability


German Design Award Winner 2022

Red Dot Design Award 2022


Greta®Fenster combines the advantages of ecological performance and PVC window profiles with exceptional design standards.

Produced with maximum sustainability in mind, the material used in Greta®Fenster is sourced 100% from old windows and production waste, and is itself 100% recyclable.

An important aspect of sustainability at Salamander is the energy efficiency of the manufactured products. Windows and doors are designed to minimize heat loss and provide efficient insulation. This helps to reduce energy consumption in buildings, leading to a decrease in CO2 emissions and an improved energy balance.

100% Recycling

Old plastic windows are up to 100% recyclable, which is why we consciously use recyclate to produce energy-efficient high-performance profiles from old windows.

By using recycled PVC, we reduce the need for new PVC material made from virgin resources. This, in turn, reduces the consumption of energy and water, as well as the emissions associated with PVC production. The recycling of PVC contributes to reducing the landfilling of plastic waste and promotes a sustainable circular economy.

Thus, Greta®️Fenster combines the needs of people and the environment. With Greta®️Fenster, we rely 100% on recycled PVC obtained from production waste and old windows.


Each material is used according to its advantages. Compared to window materials like wood and aluminum, PVC is the most sustainable material for windows.

From production to recycling, a PVC window profile undergoes a closed-loop cycle. PVC can be further processed with low energy input, making it ideal for recycling: Plastic windows can be completely and free of harmful substances reprocessed and formed into new profiles.


Each Salamander window solution optimizes energy input and reduces energy loss. Up to 25% of a building's energy consumption can be saved through modern Salamander windows, thanks to their insulation properties and the reduction of heat loss.

By minimizing heat loss, Salamander windows can lower the energy consumption of a building. They help maintain a comfortable room temperature without the need for additional heating or cooling, thereby optimizing energy input.

We consider design, sustainability, and quality of living as an integrated unit, and the fitting window for that purpose is Greta®Fenster.

Till Schmiedeknecht, Co-CEO

Greta®Fenster is available on our systems

We offer Greta®Fenster on the versatile greenEvolution system, available in different variants such as free and flex/A, as well as on the bluEvolution system. Greta®Fenster particularly excels in the greenEvolution free variant with its slim design.


Welcome to the future – We make windows something special:

Quality, functionality, design, and more – that's our greenEvolution platform.

greenEvolution is more than just a profile system. This compatible and flexible platform offers you a variety of possibilities for customized solutions. Mass-produced goods are a thing of the past – customization is the trend today.

Our compatible platform provides a choice of six different profile systems, offering full flexibility. Whether it's the AD or MD option, both sealing options can be built within the same profile system. greenEvolution impresses with innovative technologies and optimal insulation values.

But it's not just about the internal values: With the diverse options in design and material selection, you can create visual highlights, including the realMaterial surfaces.


A generation of premium windows

High security meets excellent energy efficiency and innovative sealing technology.

These characteristics make the profile series a passive house window with a long service life. Ample natural light and protection against weather influences create a cozy living environment.

Not to mention the modern design that perfectly adapts to the architectural features of the building, with a wide range of decorative options.


 For maximum design, light & comfort

Our evolutionDrive lift and slide door offers the utmost flexibility.

The clever design, combined with a modern construction style, gives your home a natural living atmosphere and adapts to any individual architectural style. The color options bring your interior to life.

Style. Character. Appearance.

In addition to its unique appearance, Greta®️Fenster also provide a tactile experience. Due to the nature of recycling PVC, fully smooth surfaces cannot be achieved in current production processes. We leverage this unique texture to offer a modern profile with a concrete-like look. This trend can already be observed in the production of door panels, flooring, ceramics, and more. The rough surface of the concrete material creates clarity and minimalism. We offer Greta®️Fenster on the multi-compatible greenEvolution system in the free and flex/A variants, as well as on the bluEvolution system. Especially in the greenEvolution free version, Greta®️Fenster impress with their slim design.




Easy planning of your windows down to the smallest detail, following our C3 principle.

In this premium line, we bring together our decades of experience in profile development, where technology meets timeless elegance. Greta®Fenster combines the advantages of PVC window profiles with ecological performance. This profile system is produced with maximum sustainability in mind: The PVC used is 100% sourced from old windows and production remnants. Greta®Fenster provides excellent insulation values at passive house level.



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